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Rich  started practicing in 1996 and opened his first shop Primal Instinct Body Piercing in MA around February of 2000.
 Richard is currently a licensed practitioner in the state of New Hampshire.  
.  Richard was licensed in Malden Massachusetts in 2000-2014.
Richard was licensed in New Hampshire in 2004- present.  
Richard established the Primal Instinct Body Piercing School in 2003-present, Please feel free to check out the website,   Learntoopeirce.com
Richard offers training for new piercers and medical professionals.
as well as others interested in becoming more familiar with the body piercing process and proper aseptic techniques.
Richard was licensed in Foxboro Massachusetts in 2001.
 At this time, Richard was granted a variance for the first and only mobile establishment license.
 As according to the original state  body art model this was a prohibited practice.  
Shortly after the tattoo ban was lifted in Massachusetts in 2000,  Richard was responsible for the next biggest litigation involving body art in recent state history
 As cities and towns attempted to use prohibitive zoning to try and prevent artist from practicing.
 As once again, based on constitutionally this was ruled by a Cambridge Superior Court to be violation for Richard and others civil rights,  The prohibitive Zoning would no longer be allowed throughout the state without municipalities facing the same litigation.         
Richard was licensed in Cambridge in 2005.
Richard was also certified in Botox and Dermal Filers in 2010.  
richard has always been committed public safety and practicing in a safe responsible manor as well as encouraging the education of clients so that ther body art experience may be as safe and comfortable as possible

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