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Welcome to Primal Instinct

This is Primal Instinct Body Piercing. We have been an industry leader in body piercing for over 25 years. We are not your typical body piercing experience. All piercings are performed by Rich Warner, or one of his former students that he has personally trained.

Rich Warner is a double master Piercer as he has been providing piercing services for over 25 years. Rich has also been educating and training other Piercers for over 20 years.

Since the day he started, Rich has always worked hard to bring education and safety to the industry, as body piercing is a minor medical procedure and should always be treated as such. It should only be performed by well-educated licensed regulated professionals.

There are also certain criteria that should always be followed with regards to piercings, jewelry and equipment. These guidelines have been established through many years of educated professional’s performing these procedures in a particular way with great success.

Prior to this indigenous people created these piercings for a whole host of reasons, such as rite of passage, adornment, status, ceremony and so on. In some cases they were believed to even have medicinal function.

Thanks to modern medical science we now know definitively where we should and should not place piercings as well as knowing the reasons particular jewelry styles should be worn in certain locations.

Here at Primal Instinct we always adhere to this medical information and only provide piercings in a manner that provides maximum safety and minimal risk for our clients. We do not yield on this simply because a client wants to start with a particular style of jewelry. This could potentially be a detriment to the health of the clients piercing as well as the clients overall health. We as piercing professionals are not here to gamble with client’s safety.

Typically, the basic jewelry that we start a piercing with can be changed by a piercing practitioner in as little as two weeks. If a client is not willing to follow our guidelines that provide maximum safety and minimal risk, we will decline to perform your piercing.

It has come to our attention there is a movement by some businesses advocating the use of jewelry that is inappropriate to start piercings with. These businesses typically are operated by people that have been in the industry for a very short time and simply could not have experienced the trial-and-error time necessary to fully understand the potential for problematic piercings due to inappropriate jewelry. These businesses have even gone as far as to offer propaganda implying that the techniques and styles of jewelry that have been used for hundreds of years are wrong and in fact these businesses only agenda is to never lose the sale. They are willing to tell clients anything they want to hear and give them anything they want regardless of safety to secure that sale. We have always had a firm position of turning away clients who refuse to use appropriate jewelry and are not willing to commit two weeks for the health and safety of themselves and their piercings.

Do not be fooled by these businesses putting profit before safety as I will explain the dangers of inappropriate jewelry moving forward. What these businesses are offering and advocating is the use of stud type jewelry to start piercings. A lot of these new businesses are offering ears only piercing and are not a full-service piercing businesses and unfortunately even some full service piercing businesses are offering stud piercing where rings should be used, just to avoid losing the sale.

Dangers of Fitted Studs vs. Rings in Piercings

I will start with one most people are familiar with. Hard bumps in side ear lobes that have been pierced with a piercing guns. Thankfully the general public are becoming familiar with the dangers of gun piercing, but do not comprehend that labret or”flat back” studs carry most of the same risk as gun piercings. Piercing guns do not Pierce with the needle but rather take the piece of jewelry it self and force it through the tissue. This causes significantly more tissue trauma than a piercing needle. The jewelry is then closed with a flat backer so you now have the decorative end of the jewelry firmly against the tissue, and the flat back firmly against the opposite side of the tissue. When the human body receives a wound it goes into protection mode. At this point the body activates a whole host of chemical and physiological reactions, all of which are to protect more sensitive internal organs. In some tough cases, the body will isolate and encapsulate the wounded area and send lymphatic fluid and other cellular defenders to the area. These cellular defenders will then attack any foreign matter such as bacteria and viruses and either kill them on site or return them to circulation where other organs can destroy them or render them harmless.

In this process most fluids sent to the area of the wound will be re assimilated by the body. The fluids that are not re assimilated by the body will dry to a crusty formation on the piercing and jewelry. This crust should be removed in accordance with our after care instructions. As it consists of dead and dying skin cells that could fester and turn necrotic, possibly leading to infection, abscess lymphedema, lymphedema resulting in the previously mentioned hard bumps inside the piercing.

Using stud type jewelry prohibits the body from expelling this discharge from the wound, where as using a ring or hoop style piece of jewelry facilitates the body expelling this discharge from the wound. Using a ring our hoop style piece of jewelry also enables you to rotate the jewelry inside the piercing with proper cleaning solution again in accordance with our after care instructions.

Another argument that these businesses are making to justify their actions to never lose a sale is that if you put a round piece of jewelry inside a piercing such as a nose for example that the jewelry will shape the piercing round the average diameter of a ring used in these procedures would be 10 or 11 mm which would provide a conference of 31 – 34 mm. The average thickness of your ear or nostril cartilage would be 3 to 4 mm. At that width of 3 to 4 mm the radius would be barely detectable and would certainly not” make the piercing round” or make it difficult to put a straight piece of jewelry in this piercing after it has only been in this piercing for two weeks. The piercing has not completely healed which the average healing time is 2-4 months but can take up to a year for a piercing to be completely healed.

There is an exception however that being the naval piercing in which case we use a curved barbell that is longer in length than the length of the piercing. Although with a curved barbell there is contact with one opening of the piercing due to the shaft of the jewelry being longer than the piercing and with the help of gravity the discharge will flow downward and not be prohibited.

Similar to this principle we have developed a patent pending piece of jewelry that will facilitate the desired instant gratification of wearing the desired decorative end of the jewelry in the piercing without prohibiting the free flow of discharge and will also enable proper cleaning of the inside of the piercing as per our after care instructions. This patent pending safe alternative to typical stud piercing is only available through Primal Instinct As we have not licensed this product to any other businesses.

In closing do not be fooled by businesses that put profit before your safety regardless of how many times you see this miss information. The principles of hoop piercing exist because they have been tried and true. You can not reinvent the wheel. The piercing ring was designed just like the wheel design. They got it right the first time..!