At primal instinct body piercing even in the early years when jewelry choices were very limited

We always had a vision of bringing the fine jewelry industry and the body art industry together

Unfortunately when Rich started out in the late nineties neither industry was quite prepared to come together

As rich soon discovered through attending fine jewelry shows while some jewelers made attempts to bridge the gap

jewelers did not quite understand the anatomical requirements of the jewelry and we’re producing pieces that were not well suited for piercings

And the piercing industry didn’t quite understand the fine jewelry market

There for riches only option was to work with jewelers to create one of the kind pieces for his clients

Fortunately times have changed and both industries have a better understanding of each other’s market

Here at primal instinct we still very much encourage one of a kind pieces for our clients

And welcome consultations to help create your unique piece

as part of this consultation we will take measurements of your individual piercing and fabricate the piece to fit you perfectly and incorporate the metals, gems and styles that you desire

Please feel free to contact us to set up your consultation to create a piece as unique as you

and of course we will always keep our most popular styles on hand for those that prefer instant gratification vs. the wait time for your custom piece to be produced